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If you are a book blogger heading to New York for BEA in early June, connecting with other bloggers should be on your priorities list! To assist you in completing this goal, I’ve come up with a form to collect contact information for those who are interested in meeting up. Not to worry, this list will not be shared with anyone not on the list. Additionally, I will review the list before sending out to verify the legitimacy of the individuals on the list. So, feel free to share what information you are comfortable with. Use this information to contact other bloggers who may be looking for someone to have lunch with, attend a session, standing in line for a particular signing, etc.

I will collect this data through end of the day Friday, June 1st at which time I will distribute a spreadsheet to everyone on the list. It will be in a format that will allow you to sort/edit it as you see fit.

Just to reiterate: this content will not be posted publicly, but only share the contact information you feel comfortable sharing openly. If you don’t want to share your full name, just enter your first. Don’t want to share your cell phone number? Not to worry, just share your email address.